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Hot Tub Services

Your hot tub should be a place of stress relief, pain relief, and bonding with people.  It should also be a place where the hot water your sitting is actually good for you skin, respiratory system, and all your vital organs.  Traditional hot tub sanitation uses very toxic chemicals that are dangerous to your body. That's why we use 100% Organic & Holistic ingredients to sanitize your hot tub.  The ingredients we use are incredibly good for your skin, your vital organs, and your health!


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Hot tub service includes; balancing the pH, sanitizing and oxidizing the water, (all with organic and holistic ingredients), vacuuming the floor, brushing the walls, cleaning baskets, cleaning filters, adding fresh water, and cleaning the hot tub cover with a UV protectant.  All this is done for $47 per visit and we need to do this weekly to properly maintain your hot tub at our standards. 

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