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Organic and Holistic Ingredients

Changing How People Treat Their Bodies & Environment

This is a game changer!  With over 2 decades in the pool & hot tub business I became frustrated with how things were being done.  The entire pool industry is using known toxic chemicals to sanitize bodies of water.  These chemicals are carcinogenic, hormone disrupters, cause respiratory ailments, trigger brain degeneration, and cause skin irritations.  I saw how dangerous these chemicals were to people and wildlife and I wanted to make a change. I would also constantly see pool companies adding overwhelming amounts of chlorine and toxic chemicals to fountains so they would not grow algae and then I'd cringe to think about birds and wildlife drinking this poisonous water afterwards.


Don't assault your body with these harmful chemicals any longer!  We use 100% Organic & Holistic ingredients to sanitize your hot tub.  The ingredients we use are incredibly good for your skin, your vital organs, and your health!  These are ingredients found in nature that have been tried and tested for thousands of years for their healing properties.  They are also extremely effective in killing pathogens like cryptosporidium, giardia, ecoli, candida, yeast infections, biofilm, and many other pathogens living in hot tub water.  Do not take a chance on your health!  Our 100% Organic & Holistic water treatment will kill all these nasty pathogens while absolutely improving your skin, boosting your immunity to bacteria, and aiding in proper organ health. I have first hand knowledge on my personal hot tub of my proprietary mix that offers incredible anti-viral properties while being amazingly good for your body. They are great for your health!  I also advise you not to bath after enjoying your hot tub that's been treated by Ben'z Pool Biz so our health promoting mix can further improve your organ health, respiratory health, and sooth your skin.  You will notice a difference in the morning.

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