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Our Story

With over two decades in the pool & hot tub business I became frustrated with how things were being done.  The entire pool industry is using known toxic chemicals to sanitize bodies of water.  The chemicals used in traditional pool and spa treatment are carcinogenic, hormone disrupters, cause respiratory ailments, trigger brain degeneration, and cause skin irritations.  I saw how dangerous these chemicals were to people and wildlife and I wanted to make a change. I would also constantly see pool companies adding overwhelming amounts of chlorine and toxic chemicals to fountains so they would not grow algae and then I'd cringe to think about birds and wildlife drinking this poisonous water afterwards.


The key in my quest to learn more was in the Old Testament scripture where God said, "the medicine is in the plant" (paraphrase). This was a watershed moment for me. I spent a very long time experimenting with various ingredients created by God and found all over the world.  I learned about trees, bushes, roots, and a myriad of organic treatments that are highly effective in the right proportions and mixtures to kill disease causing pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and microbes. I also spent time consulting with a good doctor friend of mine who has a holistic practice in Newport Beach, CA to learn even more.

I finally discovered a completely organic and holistic mix that is not only 100% effective at treating water for pathogens and microbes, but actually benefits the health of everything it touches. My mission is to change the way people treat their bodies and the surrounding environment when they use their pools and spas. 

- Ben Aguirre

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